Tired of dealing with Telkom or being tied into long term contracts with VOIP providers? 

Syncsmart Technologies
provides a range of VoIP solutions with NO CONTRACTS that will suit any business.

Our solutions range from single SIP lines through to a full Cloud PBX system for any home or business. These systems offer major flexibility allowing our clients to work from home or office with the same work number.

Business growing and opening another branch? Just add onto the system.


  • Keep your existing number by porting your number to us.
  • Minimal on-site support needed.
  • Little to no maintenance costs.
  • Reduce your telephone bills by up to 40% with packages that vary in bundled minutes and other services.
  • Reliability and redundancy.
  • Cost and complexity when relocating a business is significantly reduced through our VOIP systems.
  • Maximum flexibility, scale-able technology both off and on-site, to upgrade or
  • Offering
    these innovative technologies will save
    you time and costs of replacement and maintenance that your traditional
    PBX would require

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